Class 5/22/14

Theatre I

Finish Roses before Thorns

Rehearse with a partner and answer the Partner Rehearsal worksheet questions (see course documents)

Theatre II

Complete the character analysis questions (see course documents)

rehearse lyrical performances and start roses before thorns

Class 5/21/14

Theatre I

Do Now: Complete Character Analysis

Roses Before Thorns: Get into groups of 6 and give a critique to all 5 of your group members

Theatre II

Finish A Funny Thing Happened….and complete worksheet (see course documents)

Memorization test of lyrics

Class 5/20/14

Theatre I

Work on memorization and adding emotion to your lyric project. We will be working on Rose before Thorns tomorrow.

Theatre II

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the forum

Work on Lyric Project-Memorization test tomorrow

Class 5/19/14

Theatre I

Go to auditorium and practice your lyric project on stage with the lighting.

Theatre II

Finish reading the Hypochondriac and work on lyric project (see course documents)

Theatre I Designing a Production CheckList

Designing a Production Check List         Name______________________________________

Directions: After you have completed each step of your project, show the completed work to Ms. Picariello and she will sign off on it. You will turn this signed checklist in on 5/14/14 for a grade along with the project. (FYI you do not have to complete the tasks in order)

________Script analysis

________3 colored costumed sketches with their external traits written out (see packet for template)

________ Ground Plan (see packed for template)

________Typed prop list (FIRST hand write all props needed for the play)

________5 song soundtrack or sound effects (burn a CD or make a PowerPoint with YouTube videos)

________ 2 paragraph lighting design description (see rubrics and outline to help write this)

________1 page design concept paper (see rubric and outline to help write this)

Class 5/2/14

Theatre II

Continue reading Oedipus

Theatre I

Do Now: Finish costume design notes (see course documents)


Warm-up game

Silent reading time


Find the lighting design power point (see course documents) and fill in the worksheet provided in class. If you lost your worksheet you can get another one in course documents as well.