Parent Teacher Conference Night

Dear Parents and Guardians:

On October 30th, 2014 I will be hosting the VHSL Theatre One Act Festival in the auditorium. I will not be available for conferences until that is over. If you wish to just pop in and say hello, I will be available around 4:30PM, but if you want to have a more in depth discussion about your child’s progress in the class I will not be available until 5:30PM, because I will still have students at this time. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ms. Picariello

Class 10/20-10/24

Theatre I and Theatre II

Monda-Finish typing scripts

Tuesday-You will be constructing puppets for your puppetry project

Wednesday-You will have half the class to finish constructing and the second half will be used to rehearse with your group

Thursday- Each group will have 10-15 minutes to rehearse behind the curtain on stage. If you are not on stage you will be working on memorization

Friday- Roses before Thorns


Theatre I/ Theatre II

Do Now: Give details on how you will construct your puppet


Computer lab time-use this time to type your scripts

*You will have Monday to finalize your script

Class 10/16/14

Theatre I


Go over puppet project

Start brainstorming puppet project idea

Theatre II

Finish reading The Hypochondriac

Go over puppet project

Start brainstorming puppet project idea

VHSL Festival

Caroline High School will be host the VHSL One Act Festival Conference 10/30/2014. We will be competing against Glenn Allen High School, Tucker High School, and  Hanover High School. Please tell the CHS players “break a leg!”

Class 10/13

Theatre I

Do Now: How confident do you feel about roses before thorns?



Roses before Thorns

Theatre II


commedia rehearsal

continue reading

*roses befoer thorns tomorrow!