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Class 11/17-11/21

Important Dates for This Week:

Memorization test 11/17-11/18

Roses before Thorns 11/18

Rehearsal 11/19

Benchmark 11/20 (this will be the performance of your scene)


Class 11/12-11/13

Theatre I

11/12 Do Now- Who is your character and what is your goal?

Go to computer lab and type your short scenes. When you’re done print and start memorizing lines


11/13- Go to computer lab and finish typing scenes. Complete character analysis and turn in

Theatre II

11/12 Do Now: Finish brainstorming activity and turn in

Computer lab time to write script. Everyone should be working equally. You will  be in the lab from 11/12-11/13

Character Analysis

Directions: Once you finish typing your script answer questions 1-5 in AT LEAST 5 COMPLETE SENTENCES. The remaining questions can be answered in 1-2 complete sentences. You may hand write or type your answers. You do not need to write the question.

  1. Who am I? (make is as complete as possible; invent to fill in the blanks. Name, age, gender, social status, marital status, family, job, wants, desires etc.)





  1. Where am I? (What do you see, hear, and smell about the place you are? Describe it. How do you (your character) feel about it? Is it familiar? What is your history with this place?




  1. What time is it? (Year, time of day? How does it feel? For example; is it the first day of winter? Christmas? How does your character respond to it?).






  1. What is my relationship? (To the people or even the inanimate objects around me)






  1. What do I want? (Overall objective)



  1. How do I attempt to get it? (From overall objective; this is both physical and emotional. What lengths are you willing to go to get to your objective)




  1. What is getting in my way? (The obstacle that is preventing me from reaching my objective. Without an obstacle your character is not interesting, you must have one).



  1. What are the stakes?




  1. Who am I talking to in this scene? (What is the history between the two of you? Fill in the details)




  1. What is the conflict that is made between the goal and the obstacle?


Class 11/11

Theatre I

*Finish Lyric Projects*

Do Now: Do you prefer working individually or with partners. Explain your answer.


Multi Character Scene Project (see course documents)

Find scenes for tomorrow!

Theatre II

Do Now: What are some struggles you dealt with going from 5th to 6th grade. How did you deal with them?

*Finish Posters

Start  5th grade presentation project *brainstorm ideas and start scene concepts

Class 11/6-11/7


9/6 Do Now: If you’ve done roses before thorns how did it go? If you haven’t gone, how do you think it will go

9/7 Do Now: How prepared do you feel for your finals? Why do you feel this way? What could you have done to be better prepared?

Warm-up/ game

Rehearsal time

Finish Roses before thorns

Start finals on 11/7 and continue them on Monday

Class 11/3/14


Do Now: What type of tricks do you use to help with memorization


Finish memorization test


Roses before Thorns 11/5