Final Exams: Monologues

Your final exam will be a prepared monologue. We will go over in class the guidelines, but the work you do on the monologue must be done outside of class. Guidelines are below:

Note: Due dates of activities are subject to change under Ms. Picariello’s discretion.

Directions: Students will select a monologue from a play or movie (must be school appropriate; no cursing and no references to sex, drugs, or violence). Students will develop their character specifically focusing on their selected monologue.

Step 1:


  • Go over how to select a monologue and how to use it in an audition.
  • You are to select your monologue
Step 2:
  • Start the memorization process of the monologue. You cannot move forward with your monologue until you memorize it. *Tips for memorization
Step 3:
  • Rehearsal with a partner. You may work with one person to help you memorize your lines and also give you a critique. (this needs to be done on your own)
Step 4 :1st block: 12/15

2nd block: 12/16

3rd block: 12/17

  • You will perform your monologue.


____/5 monologue is between 1 and 2 minutes

____/10 projection/articulation

____/10 Characterization

____/10 memorization

___/10 Purposeful movement

___/5 Entrance and Exit

Technical Theatre Project: Theatre I

Monday: complete character analysis and character sketches

Tuesday: complete ground plan(finish character sketches if you haven’t already)

Wednesday: Finish design concept paper and lighting design paper

Thursday: Put poster board together

Friday: Presentations