Typing your character scene

Use the template below to step up your word document for your scene:


Student Name- Character

Student Name-Character

Student Name-Character

Setting: A description of the setting of your scene


CHARACTER: Dialogue  stage directions in italics

Use the rubric below to write your scene:

Convention Score                /50 Comments
Must be 3- 5 minutes in length                          /10
Each group member must have a significant role                          /10
There is a clear beginning, middle and ending. The audience feels satisfied at the end.                         /10
You have kept the same characters you previously created                         /10
The script is void of spelling and grammatical errors                         /10

Creating a Character Project

Yesterday was the character party! From here you will use the information you learned about the other characters to find a group and create a script

2/24- Character party; find groups and start brainstorming (turn in brainstorming paper)

2/25- Create your story; you need to fill in the worksheet as a group, so you will be prepared to go to the computer lab

2/26-Computer lab time- type your script

2/27- Computer lab time- type your script

3/2- Rehearsal

3/3- Rehearsal

3/4- Roses before Thorns

3/5- Final Performance

Class 2/4/15

Theatre III/IV



Theatre I 

Do Now: What are you being graded on for this pantomime scene?


Warm-up game


**Tomorrow is your final performance!**

Steel Magnolias Auditions

Steel Magnolias (ALL GIRL CAST!)

When: February 5, 2015 immediately after school

Where: G100

What to Prepare: 1 minute monologue demonstrating ability to perform with a Southern accent!

**If you are interested in being a part of the crew please fill out an audition form and bring it back to me by 2/5**


Please bring back signed audition form when you come to audition, you will not be able to audition without it! Please see Ms. Picariello with any further questions.

Class 2/3/15

Theatre III/IV

Continue working on multi character scenes

Final scene 2/6

Theatre I

Do Now: How did Roses before thorns go? What did you do well/what do you need to work on? If you haven’t gone what did you see that most people need to work on overall?


Warm-up game

Finish Roses before Thorns

Final pantomime scenes 2/5

Class 2/2/15

Theatre III/IV

Continue to prepare for roses before thorns tomorrow

Theatre I

Do Now: How confident do you feel about your roses before thorns performance today? How could you have better prepared yourself?


Warm-up game

Start Roses before Thorns

Class 1/30/15

Theatre III/IV

  • Complete character analysis
  • Finalize blocking/memorization
  • Use the stage! Each group should rotate to have at least one turn on the stage (roughly about 15 minutes per group).

Theatre I

Do Now: What is your pantomime scene about? Who is the character you’re playing? What are the 4 objects you find?

Students need to complete the character analysis for their pantomime characters and turn into the box when they are done

When student finish their character analysis they need to work on their pantomime performance.  The  Roses before thorns performance is on Monday and it will be on stage. Students are welcome to use the stage to rehearse, but please make sure it’s being shared.