Theatre I PSA Project

PSA Project                                         Name____________________________

Public Service Announcement: messages in the public with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

Directions:  In groups of 2 or 3 Create a Public Service Announcement on a topic that affects Caroline High School or your surrounding community. Please use the following rubric to help create your PSA:

Requirement Score                /50 Comments
PSA MUST be 2 minutes long and no longer than 3 minutes long                           /10
Your PSA must bring awareness to a social topic within your community                          /10
Your PSA must call for change with that social topic                          /10
Characterization: Your PSA must have characters that help demonstrate your viewpoint on your PSA topic                         /10
Your PSA MUST have a coherent story with a beginning, middle, and end.                         /10



3/31- Brainstorming/Script Writing

4/1- Script Writing/Memorization/Rehearsal

4/2- Memorization/Rehearsal

4/3- Final Performance


*You have the option to film your PSA, but you or your partner must have the capability to film and edit your piece. You must also make sure that if will be able to be sent to Ms. Picariello via e-mail to show the class. If you chose to record your PSA you MUST have it approved by Ms. Picariello first*

Changes in Projects and Mid-Terms

Due to the weather there are some changes in our schedule

Theatre III/IV

Monologue Roses and Thorns- 3/6 (or when we return to school)

Your final monologue will be your mid-term grade

Theatre I

Character Roses before Thorns- 3/6 (or whenever we return to school)

Your final performance will be your mid-term grade


MARCH 11 – 1ST and 3RD BLOCK