Stop by G100 to sign up for auditions on Tuesday September 1, 2015! You need to take a form and have it filled out by your parents! Below is the list of the cast/crew needed for this production.


  • Nicole
  • Zack
  • Laura
  • Kaitlyn
  • Tyler
  • Jessie
  • Morgan
  • Sam
  • Understudies (2): Must be present for all rehearsals.


  • Assistant Technical Director: Must be comfortable and familiar using an iPhone and using picture editing software. Should be able to come up with creative ways to project pictures on to the stage from behind the scenes. Overall must be very well versed in technology. This person will be working with Ms. Picariello from the very start of the production.
  • Back Stage Crew Members (3): Crew must be present during all set building days, along with other designated rehearsal days, as well as the VHSL competition. They will be expected to do a wide variety of tasks including: building set pieces, panting, making posters, organize backstage materials etc…
  • Fundraising Assistants (3): Must think of creative and cost efficient ways to raise money for the theatre department and be able to facilitate the ideas with the help of Ms. Picariello and other cast and crew members. Must be able to work with Ms. Picariello to get correct fundraising forms turned in and learn the rules and process for fundraising.

Theatre Class 8/24-8/28

Theatre I

This week we will be focusing on improv. Below are the list of games with reflection questions we will be doing in class:

Bus Stop:

  • 1) What was hard about bus stop?
  • 2) What rules of Improv did you break?
  • 3) What do you plan to do differently next time?


  •  How was freeze different than bus stop?
  • What rules did you break in freeze, where they different than the rules you broke in Bus Stop
  • What are you going to do differently next time in Freeze?

Relationship Wheel

  •  What was it like switching partners and jumping in to something new?
  •  How were your listening skills?
  •  Did you get stuck or run out of ideas?
  •  Did you play yourself or find a character?
  •  Where all of the scenes you were in surrounded in conflict? Which is easier; conflict, or existing without?

Theatre II

We will be working on monologues until Wednesday, which is the day of your final performance. We will then start on Open Scenes once we complete monologues. Please check the drop box for any handouts from class (directions, rubric, character analysis, roses before thorns)

Theatre II Monologue Project

Theatre II Monologue Project                Name____________________________________


Objective: To showcase skills acquired in Theatre I, while also challenging the actor to develop more defined characters.

Directions: Chose a 1-2 minute monologue from a PLAY that you will perform in front of the class. Please be aware of the following assignments that will be due during this project:

  • Memorization Quiz (8/20/15)
  • Rehearsal Participation (throughout the week)
  • Roses before Thorns Participation (8/21-25/15)
  • Character Analysis (8/20/15)
  • Final Performance (8/25/15-8/26/15)


____/5 monologue is between 1 and 2 minutes

____/10 projection/articulation: You are able to be heard loudly and clearly

____/10 Characterization: You have created a unique character that is different from yourself

____/10 memorization:  You are confident with the lines

___/10 Purposeful movement: You have used blocking and gesture to enhance your performance

___/5 Entrance and Exit: You have introduced yourself and said “thank you” at the end


Theatre 8/17-8/21

** Check the course folders at the top of the page to download any papers passed out in class**


Theatre I

Syllabus due: 8/19

Materials due: 8/24

Theatre II

Syllabus due: 8/19

Materials due: 8/24

Monologue memorization test: 8/20