The National Honor Society is collecting supplies and holiday gifts for animals in need from December 9th-18th. Students are encouraged to donate the following supplies:
• Washable blankets
• Towels (all sizes)
• Dog and Cat treats (rawhides, bones, etc.)
• Grooming supplies
• Cash donations for vaccines and wormers
• Dog and Cat food
Where: Caroline County High School
When: December 9th-18th
Who: National Honor Society Members
• National Honor Society members will be distributing cartons and flyers Wednesday afternoon and early Thursday morning in classrooms
• The pickup for donations is Friday, 18th 9:00-12:00 a.m.


Final Exam Monologue Memorization Test: 12/11
Roses Before Thorns for Final Exam Monologue: 12/14-15
4th Block: 12/16
2nd Block: 12/17
1st Block: 12/18

1st block Secret Santa exchange: 12/18
*Please see Course Documents for The Audition Process PowerPoint notes*

Please remember you MUST be here for your final exam unless your absences is approved by Mr. Wick prior to the missed Exam.

FINAL EXAM for Theatre I and II

Monologue Project
*Note: Due dates of activities are subject to change under Ms. Picariello’s discretion.
Directions: Students will select a monologue from a play or movie (must be school appropriate; no cursing and no references to sex, drugs, or violence). Students will develop their character specifically focusing on their selected monologue.
Step 1:
• Go over how to select a monologue and how to use it in an audition.
• You are to select your monologue
Step 2: • Start the memorization process of the monologue. You cannot move forward with your monologue until you memorize it. *Tips for memorization
• Memorization Test
• Once memorization is complete you may start filling in the character analysis worksheet to help better understand your character’s motivation.
Step 3: • Rehearsal with a partner. You may work with one person to help you memorize your lines and also give you a critique.

Step 4:
• Roses before Thorns: Students will have a dress rehearsal in front of the class to get feedback from their peers
Step 5:
• Finish Roses before Thorns
• Continue rehearsing
Step 6 :
Finals:1st block: December 18
Finals:2nd block: December 17
Finals:4th block: December 16
• You will perform your monologue.
____/5 monologue is between 1 and 2 minutes
____/10 projection/articulation
____/10 Characterization
____/10 memorization
___/10 Purposeful movement
___/5 Entrance and Exit

Theatre I PSA Project

PSA Project Name____________________________
Public Service Announcement: messages in the public with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.
Directions: In groups of 2 or 3 Create a Public Service Announcement on a topic that affects Caroline High School or your surrounding community. Please use the following rubric to help create your PSA:
Requirement Score /50 Comments
PSA MUST be 2 minutes long and no longer than 3 minutes long /10
Your PSA must bring awareness to a social topic within your community /10
Your PSA must call for change with that social topic /10
Characterization: Your PSA must have characters that help demonstrate your viewpoint on your PSA topic /10
Your PSA MUST have a coherent story with a beginning, middle, and end. /10

12/1- Brainstorming/Script Writing
12/2- Script Writing/Memorization/Rehearsal
12/3- Memorization/Rehearsal
12/4- Roses before Thorns
12/7- Final Performance

*You have the option to film your PSA, but you or your partner must have the capability to film and edit your piece. You must also make sure that if will be able to be sent to Ms. Picariello via e-mail to show the class. If you chose to record your PSA you MUST have it approved by Ms. Picariello first*

Theatre II News Room Project

News Room Project

• You and your partners consist of a news crew; two anchors, weather man/woman, traffic, and “On-Location” anchor. You will be creating segments and commercials to make up your morning or nightly news program. Have fun and be creative! Think outside the box!
New Crew:
Main anchor 1_______________________
Main anchor 2_______________________
Weather Man/Woman________________________
“On-Location” anchor_______________________

Segment 1: Top Stories with main anchors (1 minute) ___________________________
Segment 2: Weather forecast (1 Minute)______________________________________
Commercial Break (30 seconds)_____________________________________________
Segment 3: Traffic (1 Minute)_______________________________________________
Segment 4: On Location (1 Minute)___________________________________________
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Commercial Break (30 seconds)_____________________________________________
Segment 5: Wrap Up with main anchors (1 minute)______________________________

• Please keep in mind that a news program uses the anchors to help transition between each segment. The break down of the segments is there to help organize your thoughts and ideas, but keep in mind you MUST transition between each part just like in a real news program!
• Each news room member is expected to write their OWN script (you may get help from your partners). These scripts must be typed and a copy must be turned in to Ms. Picariello.

Day 1:
• Introduction
• Brainstorming/Crew member assignments
Day 2:
• Finish brainstorming
• Start writing scripts
• Show Ms. P what you have worked on for a grade
• Homework: Finish scripts and have them typed and printed for next class
Day 3:
• Scripts due
• Rehearsal
Day 4:
• Rehearsal
Day 5:
• Dress Rehearsal with Class (Roses before Thorns)
Day 6:
• Final Performance

Score /100
Each segment adheres to the time limit. /20
Each segment relates to the appropriate news crew member. /20
You have included 5 segments /20
You have included 2 commercials /20
Group members used their rehearsal time wisely /20