Field Trip Information

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:
• CHS Theatre will be visiting the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see the Quill Theatre’s production of King Lear on April 19, 2016. Please fill out the attached field trip form and return it to Ms. Picariello no later than April 5th 2016. The cost is $15.00 per student for ticket and transportation. Please pay when you turn in your field trip forms as Ms. Picariello will not accept field trip forms without payment.
• Students must bring their own bagged lunch to eat. We will not be stopping, and there will not be vendors available.
• Please note: There is a dress code to attend the performance. You MUST adhere to the dress code, or you will not be allowed to participate even if you have already paid AND there will be no reimbursement.
• Students MUST have at least a C in all classes in order to participate in CHS field trips.

Dress Code:
-You must adhere to the CHS student dress code
-No Jeans (khakis, cords, dresses, skirts and dress pants are acceptable)
– No hoodies
-No t-shirts (sweaters, collared shirts, cardigans and blouses are acceptable)
-No tennis shoes (flats, Sperry’s, and boots are acceptable)

Important Dates

Theatre I
Final Character Scenes 3/21

Theatre II
Roses before Thorns 3/18
Final ADH Scene 3/21

Theatre III/IV
Roses before Thorns 3/21
Final ADH Scene 3/22

Mid Term Information

Theatre II Mid-Term Exam Topics
• Oedipus/ Ancient Greek Theatre
• A Doll’s House/ 19th Century Theatre
• Basic Theatre Terms and Conventions *Improvisation
• **Find notes in course documents

Theatre I Mid-Term Exam Topics

• Warm-ups
• Critiques
• Improvisation
• Pantomime
• Stage Movement
• Creating Characters
• **Find notes in course documents

Theatre III/IV Mid-Term Exam Topics
• Everyman/ Medieval Theatre
• Waiting for Lefty/Political Theatre
• Basic Theatre terms and practices
• Improvisation
• **Find notes in course documents