Theatre Tasks 12/12

• Read pages 112-133 (chapters 11-12) in the Drama Projects books. Also complete definitions for each chapters’ theatre terms. You can find a list of the terms at the beginning of each chapter. Do this on a separate sheet of paper.
• Complete your character analysis. Make sure questions 1-4 are answered in at least 5 sentences. 5-6 should be answered in 1-2 sentences
• Get with a partner and watch them perform their monologue. Answer the questions on the Partner Monologue worksheet. Then, perform your monologue, so your partner can answer their worksheet questions about your performance
• When you are finished with ALL assignments staple them together and put them in the blue tray neatly.

Notebook Check

Please make sure your notebook is in the bin by the end of the day on 12/15 because I will be checking notebooks during 1st block on 12/16. I WILL NOT accept notebooks late.

Theatre Final

Monologue Project
*Note: Due dates of activities are subject to change under Ms. Picariello’s discretion.
Directions: Students will select a monologue from a play or movie (must be school appropriate; no cursing and no references to sex, drugs, or violence). Students will develop their character specifically focusing on their selected monologue.
Step 1:
• Go over how to select a monologue and how to use it in an audition.
• You are to select your monologue
Step 2: • Start the memorization process of the monologue. You cannot move forward with your monologue until you memorize it. *Tips for memorization
• Memorization Test 12/9/16
Step 3: • Rehearsal with a partner. You may work with one person to help you with blocking and also give you a critique.
• Work on character analysis
Step 4: • Roses before Thorns: Students will have a dress rehearsal in front of the class to get feedback from their peers 12/14-12/15
• One more day of rehearsal with partner 12/16
Step 5 :
December 19th: 1st block exam and 3rd block exam
December 20th: 2nd block exam and 4th block exam
• You will perform your monologue.

____/5 monologue is between 1 and 2 minutes
____/10 projection/articulation: You are able to be heard loudly and clearly
____/10 Characterization: You have created a unique character that is different from yourself
____/10 memorization: You are confident with the lines
___/10 Purposeful movement: You have used blocking and gesture to enhance your performance
___/5 Entrance and Exit: You have introduced yourself and said “thank you” at the end