Theatre I Lyric Project- Midterm

Lyric Performance Project Name_____________________________________________
Directions: You will be taking a song and stripping it down to the bare lyrics. You will perform it as a dramatic piece (monologue) by adding emotion and inflection in your voice and body movements, while also taking out the sing-song nature of the lyrics. This will be done individually.
Monologue: presented by a single character, most often to express their mental thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience.
Step 1: Choose song lyrics. Please keep in mind that these lyrics MUST be school appropriate meaning: no cursing, references to sex, drugs, or violence. You can edit out explicit lyrics, but if the theme of the song is inappropriate you will need to choose a different song. This song must be approved by me before proceeding.
After it has been approved hand write/type the lyrics out. This is a grade.
Step 2: Rehearsal; use this time to memorize your song, take out the rhyming aspect of the song, and turn it into a dramatic piece through voice and body movement.
Step 3: Memorization Test (3/2)
Step 4: Roses before Thorns (3/3)
Step 5: Final Performance (3/7) Midterm
Convention Score /50 Comments
Projection/Articulation: You are able to be heard clearly in the auditorium from the middle of the audience /10
Memorization /10
Blocking: You have included movement in your piece. You use your body to express emotion. The movement is purposeful /10
Lyrics are no longer sing-song-like or follow a rhythmical pattern. You have turned it into a dramatic piece. /10
Characterization: You have stayed in character the entire time and have created someone different from yourself /10



The Diary of Anne Frank Cast List
Nazi- Atticus Buckett
Mrs. Van Daan- Ashley DeShazo
Mr. Dussel- Gabbie LaFluer
Anne Frank- Izzy Marshall
Mr. Kraler- Cat Miller
Otto Frank- Burke Mullins
Miep Gies- Jordan Norris
Edith Frank- Eva Simulcik
Mr. Van Daan- Jacob Thompson
Margo Frank- Naomi Young

Stage Manager- Helen Laguerta
Sound Manager- Victoria Gross
Crew Manager-Destiny Bochert
Prop/Costume Manager- Diamond Jones
Crew- Aliza Capps
Crew- Lorenzo Ruffin II

Rehearsal starts on Monday! We will rehearse Monday-Wednesday next week. I will give you the printed calendar on Monday!

Character Party Instructions

Guidelines for Character Party Monday 13th 2017!
• You must dress up as your character. Do not feel like you have to buy your costume pieces, try to find them at your house or borrow from a friend. If there is something very specific you’re looking for please let me know and I can try to help you find it.
 You will have time before class starts to change into your costume and time at the end of class to change back
• Please bring a snack to share with your friends (we are going to make a list as a class)
• You must stay in character for 30 minutes and you cannot break character. You are expected to walk around the class and interact with other characters and get to know them. I will be walking around as well asking you questions about your character.
Grading Scale
/10 Dressing as your character
/10 Demonstrating the internal and external traits of your character
/10 Staying in character
/10 Walking around and interacting with different characters in the room
/10 Being able to answer questions about your character

Theatre Field Trip

Students have been invited to VCU to see the stage production of A Time to Kill. Field trip forms have been passed out in class and students must return the signed form and money by 2/10/17. If you have lost your form please see Ms. Picariello for a new one. Please e-mail Ms. Picariello with any questions you may have.