Theatre I Character Party

On 9/22 we will have a character party as part of our character development unit. Students will use the week to develop a unique character and on Friday come into class as the character. Below is the rubric for the party:

Guidelines for Character Party September 22th!
• You must dress up as your character. Do not feel like you have to buy your costume pieces, try to find them at your house or borrow from a friend. If there is something very specific you’re looking for please let me know and I can try to help you find it.
 You will have time before class starts to change into your costume and time at the end of class to change back
• Please bring a snack to share with your friends (we are going to make a list as a class)
• You must stay in character for 30 minutes and you cannot break character. You are expected to walk around the class and interact with other characters and get to know them. I will be walking around as well asking you questions about your character.
Grading Scale
/10 Dressing as your character
/10 Demonstrating the internal and external traits of your character
/10 Staying in character
/10 Walking around and interacting with different characters in the room
/10 Being able to answer questions about your character

It would be great if student would bring in food and drinks to share with the class to make it a real party. Students may drop off food/drinks in the morning. We will also need napkins, cups, plates etc…