Poster Board Due Monday March 19th!
Final Poster and Presentation March 23!

Designing a Production Project Name_____________________________________
Directions: You will be the technical director/designer of a production. You will design the lighting, sound, costumes, set, and props. You will also write a one page design concept paper that focuses on the mood and theme of the show.
Step 1: Read The Hypochondriac and then analyze the major ideas in the play. Think about mood, tone, setting, and characterization. Once you have fully grasped the play, you may move on to step two.
Step 2: Design; you will need to design the show using the hand-outs attached in this package. You must create:
• Ground plan of your show
• Least three costume sketches of main characters
• Soundtrack to your show (at least five sounds or songs) on a CD or in a PowerPoint
• 2 paragraph description of your lighting design
• List of ALL PROPS need to complete your show
Step 3: Assemble; you will make a presentation of your design creations by combining all of your designs on to a poster board. You will have class time to make this, so you will need to bring your supplies in to class. If you do not have your supplies you will get a 0 for class participation. Your poster should be neat and creative.
Step 4: Present; you will give a 4 minute presentation of your production, selling your design concept to the director (me!).
Presentation Rubric
Requirement Score /50 Comments
Presentation is between 4 and 5 minutes long /10
Presenter is able to describe their design concepts confidently and rarely has to look at their poster /20
Presenter makes eye contact with the audience and rarely looks down /10
Presenter is able to answer questions about his/her production concept /10

Poster Rubric
Requirement Score /100 Comments
Analysis Worksheet ; all questions completed (stapled to the back) /20
One Page Design Concept; typed, double spaced and clearly describes the mood and theme of the production /25
Ground Plan; clean lines, and shows all necessary set pieces, walls, door etc… /10
3+ Costume Sketches; Completely colored and describes the external mannerisms of the character /15
Soundtrack; 5 sound effects, or actual songs that fit the mood of the show (CD or Track List) /10
Lighting Design; At least 2 paragraphs describing the mood and colors of the lighting. /10
Prop List; Typed list of all props required for the show /10
Design Concept Paper Outline/Rubric:
I page minimum 5pts
Paragraph 1: Introduction of the show; the mood and theme of the play. 5pts
Paragraph 2: How you will achieve the mood of the show (through design). 5pts
Paragraph 3: How you will achieve the theme of the show (through design). 5pts
Paragraph 4: Conclusion; what you want the audience to walk away feeling (goes back to the mood and theme). 5pts
Lighting Design Paper Outline/Rubric
Paragraph 1: Focus on the mood of the show 5pts
Paragraph 2: Focus on how you will achieve the mood through lighting 5pts