Theatre I Lyric Project

Lyric Performance Project Name_____________________________________________
Directions: You will be taking a song and stripping it down to the bare lyrics. You will perform it as a dramatic piece (monologue) by adding emotion and inflection in your voice and body movements, while also taking out the sing-song nature of the lyrics. This will be done individually.
Monologue: presented by a single character, most often to express their mental thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience.
Step 1: Choose song lyrics. Please keep in mind that these lyrics MUST be school appropriate meaning: no cursing, references to sex, drugs, or violence. You can edit out explicit lyrics, but if the theme of the song is inappropriate you will need to choose a different song. This song must be approved by me before proceeding.
After it has been approved handwrite the lyrics out. This is a grade.
Step 2: Rehearsal; use this time to memorize your song, take out the rhyming aspect of the song, and turn it into a dramatic piece through voice and body movement.
Step 3: Memorization Test (4/11)
Step 4: Roses before Thorns (4/13)
Step 5: Final Performance (4/16)
Convention Score /50 Comments
Projection/Articulation: You are able to be heard clearly in the auditorium from the middle of the audience /10
Memorization /10
Blocking: You have included movement in your piece. You use your body to express emotion. The movement is purposeful /10
Lyrics are no longer sing-song-like or follow a rhythmical pattern. You have turned it into a dramatic piece. /10
Characterization: You have stayed in character the entire time and have created someone different from yourself /10