Theatre II Tragedy Project

Greek Tragedy Project
Directions: In a group of 3-4 create your own Greek Tragedy script and then perform it for the class using the guidelines below:
• Must be no less than 4 minutes and no longer than 6 minutes
• Must include a tragic hero who possesses a tragic flaw
• Must have a chorus
• Must include one example of dramatic irony
• All group members must have a character in the play
Step 1: Brainstorm with your group what your tragedy is going to be about and who your tragic hero will be. Us the plot chart attached to create a story.
Step 2: Write the script
Step 3: Rehearse
Step 4: Roses before Thorns
Step 5: Final performance TBD
Script Rubric
Void of spelling and grammatical errors /10
Characters and actors are include at the top of the page before the setting along with the title of the play /10
There is a paragraph at the top of the page describing the setting /10
The characters’ names are included before each line and are in bold /10
Some stage directions are included (does not count as individual blocking) /10

Performance Rubric
You have created a character that is unique through voice and body language /10
You have included purposeful movement in your scene /10
Articulation and projection /10
Memorization /10
Your goal is clear throughout the play /10

Greek Tragedy Plot Questions
1. What is the setting of your story?

2. What happens in the beginning of your story?

3. What is the rising action?

4. What is the climax?

5. What is the falling action?

6. What is the resolution?

7. What is the goal for each character in the play?

8. What is the conflict throughout the story?

9. Who is the tragic hero and what is their tragic flaw?

10. What is the mood and theme of the story?

11. How will you incorporate dramatic irony into your play?

Written Script due at the end of the block- 2/7
Roses and Thorns- 2/12
Final 2/14

Theatre I Open Scenes Project

An open scene is a scene that lacks specific details, such as set location, pre-determined characters and even content. By themselves these scenes lack context, but when performed in acting class, the students are encouraged to become involved with the words and create characters from the content. Student can connect with their partners by deciding on the scene’s location and relationships, and they use their acting skills to give context to the words.
Objective: Choose either Open Scene ONE or Open Scene TWO and with a partner invent your own characters, plot, subtext, goals, and relationships (you must memorize your lines).


A: What are you doing

B: Can’t you tell

A: Well, I think so but

B: It should be obvious

A: You shouldn’t

B: I know

A: I mean I really wish you wouldn’t

B: You should have thought of that

A: Is this because of what I did

B: Partly yes mostly no

A: Can I make it up to you somehow

B: I very much doubt it

A: Stop doing that and really listen to me

B: You don’t recognize no do you

A: I just asked you to listen

B: I said no that’s it

A: Shoot

B: Oh

A: Oh no

B: Can you uh

A: No here use this

B: Come on

A: I told you to be careful

B: I was it just happened

A: There let me see

B: Oh where are you going

A: For help

B: And leave me here you can’t leave me here

A: You stay here I’m off to get help

B: No no please one more time try it again

A: Stay here I’ll be right back

Content Score /50 Comments
Purposeful and motivated movement /10
Movement tells the audience about the character /10
Movement is forward to the audience /10
Projection and articulation /10
Characterization/memorization /10

1. What is your character’s name?

2. What is the setting?

3. What is the plot?

4. What is your character’s relationship to the other character in the scene?

5. What is their goal in the scene?

6. How do they reach their goal?

7. What is their obstacle?

8. For each line include your blocking, subtext, and punctuation on your script.

Memorization Test- 2/12
Roses and Thorns- 2/13
Final- 2/14

Theatre In Class Talent Show

Theatre Performing Arts Talent Show
Directions: You must pick from one of the following performing arts and must perform your own original piece. You may work in a group of two or three (no more), or you may work individually.
• Acting (find a scene from one of the books on the bookshelf or write your own)
• Singing (Sing an original or already created song by yourself or with a group. You may use karaoke music)
• Dancing (Create an original dance by yourself or with a group, you may use music)
• Musical Instrument (Play an original or already created piece)

Expectations Score /50 Comments
The piece MUST be at least 3 minutes long and no longer than 5 minutes. /10
Creativity: Use of prop/costumes/music. /10
Stage Presence: your attitude on stage, what you’re wearing, and eye contact with audience or performance partner, overall confidence on stage. /10
Originality: creating a piece that is distinctively different from other performers /10
Organization/Coordination: pacing, timing, and memorization /10

11/27/17: Choose talent, choose piece, and have it approved by Ms. P (ALL TALENT PIECES MUST BE SCHOOL APPROPRAITE!)
11/28/17: Rehearsal *must have what you need to rehearse; instrument, music, script, lyrics etc…You will also be answering analysis questions.
11/29/17 Rehearsal *must have what you need to rehearse; instrument, music, script, lyrics etc…
11/30/17: Roses before Thorns *BRING IN COSTUMES, PROPS, AND MUSIC
**12/ 1 /17: Talent Show *BRING IN COSTUMES, PROPS, AND MUSIC

Theatre Final

Monologue Project
*Note: Due dates of activities are subject to change under Ms. Picariello’s discretion.
Directions: Students will select a monologue from a play, movie, or TV show (must be school appropriate; no cursing and no references to sex, drugs, or violence). Students will develop their character specifically focusing on their selected monologue.
Step 1:
• Monologue/ Audition Notes
• You are to select your monologue
Step 2: • Start the memorization process of the monologue. You cannot move forward with your monologue until you memorize it. *Tips for memorization
• Memorization Test 12/11
• Once memorization is complete you may start filling in the character analysis worksheet to help better understand your character’s motivation.
Step 3: • Rehearsal with a partner. You may work with one person to help you memorize your lines and also give you a critique.

Step 4: • Roses before Thorns: Students will have a dress rehearsal in front of the class to get feedback from their peers 12/14-15
Step 5 :
Final: December 19th 1st and 3rd block
December 20th 2nd and 4th block
Make ups: December 21st
Please note that if you are absent the final week of school you will not have an opportunity to make up your final exam without Mr. Wick’s approval prior to the missed exam. • You will perform your monologue.
____/5 monologue is between 2-3 minutes
____/10 projection/articulation
____/10 Characterization
____/10 memorization
___/10 Purposeful movement
___/5 Entrance and Exit


Theatre Assignmet

Fairy Tale Performance Adaptation Name______________________________
Objective: Students will adapt a classic fairy tale into a modern day telling with groups of 4 to 5 students. Students will use their acquired understanding of performance and stage techniques to effectively tell the story on stage for an audience.
Day 1-2-Brainstorming: Decide with your group which fairy tale you’d like to adapt. Once you have found a story you would like to adapt, you must place the story in modern times (high school, soap opera etc…) and decide on how they will tell the story in a new way. They may start hand writing their script once they have decided on a concept together.
Day 3-4- Scripts: Finish writing scripts in the computer lab, if you finish early you may start memorizing lines.
Day 5-Rehearsal
Day 6-Roses before Thorns
Day 7- Final Performance
Performance Rubric (each group member will receive an individual grade)
Memorization 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Characterization 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Projection/Articulation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Blocking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Focus/Staying in Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Use the rest of the space to brainstorm ideas for your adapted fairy tale:

11/14 Field Trip

**Please note on the back I accidentally wrote 12/14 instead of 11/14. We will be going on the field trip November 14th!

Students will have the opportunity to attend Theatre VCU’s production of Legally Blonde The Musical at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.
Theatre students will accompany Ms. Picarielloto and from the production on a school bus. The cost will be $15.00 which will include a bus seat and ticket to the performance. Each student is responsible for bringing their own lunch.
The students will depart Caroline High School on November 14, 2017 around 8:50 AM allowing for entry to the theatre by 10:00 AM. Students and chaperones will arrive back at school by 2:15 in order to be transported home by their own school bus.
Students must also have at least a C average in all classes to attend and may not have any major referrals. Students must have their teachers sign off that they have at a C average in their class.

*****Signed forms and money must be submitted no later than by Friday November 3rd, 2017. All checks must be payable to “Caroline High School”. *****

*****Behavior and Dress should be in accordance with the Caroline County Code of Conduct. The image of CHS depends on the behavior and appearance of its students. Students must adhere to the following dress code in order to attend the field trip. If a student is not dressed properly for the field trip they will not attend the trip and will not be given a refund.
• Slacks, dresses, dress pants, skirts (no jeans, sweatpants, or holes in clothing)
• Sweaters, blouses, button down shirts, cardigans (no hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts)
• Dress shoes, boots, Sperry’s, Toms, flats (no tennis shoes or Vans; nothing that laces up)

A Doll’s House Reading Comprehension Answers

1. Henrik Ibsen
2. 1879
3. Spendthrift, Squirrel, Lark
4. Mrs. Linden
5. Nora was lent money- Torvald doesn’t know.
6. Krogstad works at the bank Torvald manages as asks to keep his job.
7. Krogstad lent Nora the money.
8. Dr. Rank
9. To go to Italy (a warmer climate) to save Torvald.
10. Her father was dying
11. Anna
12. When Nora was just a girl, Anna had to give up her own child.
13. Dr. Rank
14. To attend a New Years party
15. Taranatella
16. She begs Torvald to let Krogstad keep his job.
17. He sends Krogstad’s termination letter immediately
18. He is black mailing her because he lent her the money and Torvald holds the power for Krogstad to keep his job. He wants Nora to convince her husband to keep Krogstad at the bank.
19. Torvald
20. Dr. Rank
21. Mrs. Linden
22. Mr. Krogstad
23. She doesn’t want to retrieve the letter for Nora, she feels it’s best to let the secret out.
24. She wants to avoid Torvald going to the letter box
25. He is sad about his dying friend
26. He is angry with her and tells her she is not fit to be a mother. He will only pretend to have her taking care of the children, but they are never to be alone with her.
27. Krogstad gives back the IOU and he’s reputation is no longer on the line.
28. Leave her family
30. She goes from sneaking around to do the things she wants to do, to being an empowered person who is willing to stand up for herself and wants to grow as a person.


CHS Theatre presents Fire Exit by Stacie Lents
October 26th at 5:30pm and 7:00pm
Tickets are on sale now through October 24th ! $5 per ticket. Tickets will not be sold at the door, space is limited. Please see Ms. Picariello in F19 for a ticket order form.

Mid Term Instructions Theatre I and II

Lyric Performance Project Name_____________________________________________
Directions: You will be taking a song and stripping it down to the bare lyrics. You will perform it as a dramatic piece (monologue) by adding emotion and inflection in your voice and body movements, while also taking out the sing-song nature of the lyrics. This will be done individually.
Monologue: presented by a single character, most often to express their mental thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience.
Step 1: Choose song lyrics. Please keep in mind that these lyrics MUST be school appropriate meaning: no cursing, references to sex, drugs, or violence. You can edit out explicit lyrics, but if the theme of the song is inappropriate you will need to choose a different song. This song must be approved by me before proceeding.
After it has been approved handwrite/type the lyrics out. This is a grade.
Step 2: Rehearsal; use this time to memorize your song, take out the rhyming aspect of the song, and turn it into a dramatic piece through voice and body movement.
Step 3: Memorization Test (10/10)
Step 4: Roses before Thorns (10-11/12)
Step 5: Final Performance (10 12/13)
Convention Score /50 Comments
Projection/Articulation: You are able to be heard clearly in the auditorium from the middle of the audience /10
Memorization /10
Blocking: You have included movement in your piece. You use your body to express emotion. The movement is purposeful /10
Lyrics are no longer sing-song-like or follow a rhythmical pattern. You have turned it into a dramatic piece. /10
Characterization: You have stayed in character the entire time and have created someone different from yourself /10